Where I’m starting from – Finances/Jobs (9/15)

Right now I have three sources of income, i.e. jobs.

I have a consulting position doing a variety of jobs for a private client – some pc support, website support for the business, some MS-Access development. This is really great for the most part – a fixed stipend each month, and the work isn’t too time consuming. A few crunch times a year and needing to be on call.

I have a “day job” working for an MSP (managed service provider). Boy, do I hate this. I don’t dislike the work, per se. But dealing with having no time for my own stuff at work, constantly having to account for time, coming to work to find out every minute of time has been budgeted for? Lame. No lunches, no breaks. I can run out for 5 minutes to get food I can eat at my desk while I’m doing tickets.  My last two jobs have been for this kind of company. This and the consulting job takes care of about 100k of my yearly salary (which is 99% of it).

I also get about a grand, on average, a year from my published boardgames. Which for the newbie isn’t bad, it’s pretty good, but not a lot of money to change a lifestyle or anything.

Debt is not so great. I’ve got about 10k in credit card debt. I’ve got a 30k unpaid tax bill that if I don’t resolve post haste will get my bank accounts shut off. I’ve been paying stuff off but I seem to be accumulating faster than I pay off, especially on the consumer debt side.

Expenses are there, not insane, but a little high. About 200 in utilities a month. 250 in car expenses (payment/inisurance). Another 100 or so misc. Food is high since I’m not asking wife to split – about 600 a month? 100 a month in Starbucks… I know, I know. A lot each month in Amazon for sundries – probably 200 or so.  Cat food, cat products, books and supplies. Occasional parts and art supplies for boardgame prototypes.

Where I’m starting from – Finances/Jobs (9/15)