Where I’m starting from – Health

I find it to be a useful exercise to make a note of where I’m starting from, so I can figure out what I need to tackle.

Here’s the basics:
I’m currently 46, male. 5’11”. My last weigh-in was 291 lbs at just about 40% fat (according to a very old Tanita scale). Mostly Italian, big build, built for field work as one friend once said.

Pros (there aren’t many):

  • Um… I’m physically strong, for someone so out of shape.
  • Thanks to years of pain I have a decent pain tolerance.
  • I look sort of youthful? I have a full head of hair, which is good for 46. And with the exception of a 20 or so grey hairs, the rest are black.
  • My skin is in decent shape.
  • Based on my last blood tests, my cholesterol, vitamins, and general blood health was pretty good.

Cons (brace yourself, this make take a while):

  • Well, yeah, overweight. A lot.
  • Diabetes Type 2. That’s a fairly recent diganosis. Right now if I take my meds (currently 2x a day of 1000 mg Metformin, and 18g of Victoza) my morning fasting glucose is averaging around 150. That’s not great, but it’s better than where it was when I first learned about the Diabetes a few months ago – it was then around 400. Yikes.
  • I have two herniated discs in my neck (the two lowest ones). This means all of the time I have annoying pain, coupled with numbness and pins and needles in the right arm. At it’s  worst it’s crippling pain. I’ve sort of gotten used to being in some pain, there, all of the time. Right now I need to talk to a surgeon or specialist.
  • My eyes lose some vision/close up ability from time to time due to the Diabetes.
  • I have some intermittent pain and numbness in my feet (mostly the left foot), again, probably due to circulation and numbness.
  • My lack of fitness makes sexual activity problematic sometimes. I also get intermittent erectile dysfunction, probably due to everything above, and me behind in head wondering if it’s going to work or not this time.
  • My right ring finger had a trigger finger condition. It was operated on and released, but it’s still stiff and in pain. At least it’s not locked!
  • I get a lot cramping in my sides and feet, probably due to the above issues.
  • Besides the foot cramping, and the numbness, some of my toes on the left also hurt some of the time. But let’s face it – my constant pounding gate of near 300 lbs hasn’t helped, I’m sure.
  • While I haven’t checked in years, I’m sure I still have fatty liver. I had it once, and since I’ve not lost any weight, I probably still do.
  • My sleep schedule is very erratic these days.
  • I have a few dental problems. I have a broken crow, which I now have replaced with a temporary, while I wait for the full-time replacement to come in. I also have two teeth missing on the left, both of which could use implants. It would improve things a lot if I had them fixed.
  • The last time I had it checked, my testosterone was “normal for a guy my age”, i.e., low.

So… yeah.

Where I’m starting from – Health